Monday, 3 December 2012

SIA announces February date for mandatory PI training

Following the decision in March to make PI training a mandatory requirement on licence renewal for all door supervisors who trained before the new qualification was introduced in June 2010, the SIA has now confirmed that this will take effect from 4th February 2013.

Only door supervisors with older pre-June 2010 qualifications will need to take the new award, as the content is included in the newer post-June 2010 qualification. Since June 2010, a stand-alone physical intervention unit has been available for door supervisors with the older qualifications if they wished to undertake this element. Any door supervisor with the older qualification that have already undertaken the additional physical intervention training will not need to repeat this, but will need to complete the self-study workbook and have it signed by a tutor.Upskilling For Door Supervisors