Monday, 30 August 2010

Door Supervisor Training

The definition of a door supervisor given in British Standard BS 7960 is: a person employed by any person responsible for the management of any licensed premises or event, who has the authority of the owner, licensee, manager or organiser, exclusively or mainly to decide upon the suitability of customers to be allowed on to those premises, and/or to maintain order and public safety.”

The new licence-linked qualifications for door supervisors has been introduced across the UK since the beginning of June. The qualifications bring door supervisor training up to date and introduce a modular structure.

All door supervisors would be required to do the various modules.

The training has been updated to reflect changes in door supervisor working practices. It now includes a practical assessment of physical intervention skills, ensuring that learners will know how to safely escort violent customers from the premises. The training also includes units on first aid, how to spot terrorist threats and the specific considerations that must be taken into account when dealing people aged 14 to 18.

For door supervisors who have achieved qualifications under the old system they will be required to have further training in physical intervention skills, this is good practice and alot of companies are requesting this now. Door supervisors that qualified over 3 years ago and have not applied for licence the qualification is now obsolete and will have to retrain.

We advise that anyone wishing to train as a door supervisor do not train with any company offering door supervisor training without the physical intervention module.

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